Grammar of Literary Swahili

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This work contains a very condensed grammar of literary Swahili, that is, of the traditional literary language, the idiom in which the epic poetry, the proverbs and the traditional songs are composed. It serves as a vehicle for the Islamic literature, both prose and poetry, including the town chronicles, as well as the long didactic poems on moral duties.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. What is Swahili Like:
3. Spelling Variations in Traditional Swahili Poetry
4. The Noun – Classes 1-18
5. The Relative
6. The Adoption of Arabic Nouns into the Swahili Class System
7. The Adjective
8. the Pronominal System: The Connective; Personal pronouns; Demonstrative Pronouns
9. The Numeral
10. Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases; Arabic Expressions
11. Prepositions
12. Conjunctions
13. the common Interjections in Swahili Poetry
14. The Verb: The Copula; Processive Verb; Imperative; Infinitive; Optative; Finite Forms; auxiliary Verbs
Table 1 – Tthe Swahili Noun Classes
Table 2 – The Complete Swahili Pronouns
Some Editions of Long Swahili Poems and Prose Texts

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