Socio-Religious and Political Analysis of the Judeo-Christian Concept of Prophetism and Modern Bakongo and Zulu African Prophet Movements

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This volume examines the Judeo-Christian concept of prophetism from the tenth century BCE to the first century CE and modern African prophetism from the 18th to 20th centuries. It analyzes five main themes: the cosmological significance of the sacred mountain, socio-religious and politico-economic significance of the cosmic mountain, the prophet's role, pilgrimage of eschatological hope motif, and Afro-Israelite common socio-religious and political traditions.


"Through biblical, religious, historical, and socio-political analysis, Simbandumwe leads the reader to a holistic and sympathetic understanding of the crucial role of the mountain as axis mundi, place of theophany, and center for worship. . . . One of the most exciting elements of the book is the incorporation of African hymnody, composed or influenced by the prophets Kinbangu and Shembe, as a basis for the analysis of the dynamism of the African religion. . . . . A 31-page bibliography is gem of resources for the student of religion in Africa. . . .Missionaries will appreciate this work as a contribution in the continuing dialogue between Western Christianity and African religion. Ethnomusicologists and music specialists will discover a wealth of information of the power of music as a communicative medium." -- Missiology

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