Spiritual Intelligence, Behavioral Sciences, and the Humanities

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Dr. Howard Gardner proposed that intelligence is multi-faced and suggests there are several distinct types. This book explores the features, scope and function in personality development of Spiritual Intelligence (SIQ). It begins with an overview of spiritual intelligence and its place in intelligence and personality theory. Later chapters place it in the historical context of the world’s religions and philosophies, from ancient times to the present. There is a Spiritual Awareness Inventory to measure reader spiritual awareness, practical exercises, and a list of recommended readings, augmented by an index and bibliography.


“Frank MacHovec has a long history of both personal and professional interest and investigation in psychology, psychotherapy, intelligence testing, psychometrics – and spirituality. He offers us a view that is multi-perspectival in its approach. First, with a historical approach, he demonstrates awareness of this spiritual factor over the centuries. He makes his case and serendipitously provides a helpful overview of the legends, myths, and psychological explorations that invites us to look deeper. . . . Readers interested in (a) documentation of historical explorations of SIQ, (b) a pathway for exploring one’s own SIQ, or (c) a summary overview of Eastern thought will find the book useful.” – William V. Arnold

“The many brief readings bring the subject into sharper focus with more sharply defined depth and finer qualities. There are fresh new translations of the Book of Tao, I Ching and Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead. Even the New Testament is quoted from the Tyndale Version with eight different translations side-by-side. . . . Separate names and subjects indices add to the usefulness of the book. The book could be used as a basal or supplemental textbook, for library reference, or for its rich source of key Asian scripture (Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist).” - Michael J. Rostafinski

“. . . serious, comprehensive, and factually correct from the perspective of a historian of psychology. . . . Dr. MacHovec’s prose is lucid and care is taken to define clearly both elementary and advanced terms and ideas. . . . this book has the potential to gain the attention of . . . the enlightened lay public, students of comparative religion, as well as cultural anthropology, the history of psychology, and advanced study in theology.” – Sanford Lopater

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. The Case for Spiritual Intelligence
2. SIQ and Personality Dynamics
3. Related Areas (history, arts, symbols, mythology, metaphysics, the occult, alchemy)
4. Syzygy: A Unified Theory
5. SIQ in the Near East (Judeo-Christian, Greece, Persia, Egypt, India)
6. Buddhist SIQ
7. SIQ in the Far East (China, Japan)
8. Epilog
Recommended readings; indexes, bibliography

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