Bishop Reginald Pecock and the Lancastrian Church Securing the Foundations of Cultural Authority

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A study of the controversial Bishop Pecock, a minor but notorious theologian and "hammerer of Lollards" (Albion) who was misjudged by Catholics and Protestants alike.

". . . a straightforward analysis of Pecock's thought . . . . By his clear and useful survey Brockwell has thrown light on a still enigmatic figure." - V. H. H. Green in The English Historical Review


". . . provide[s] helpful synthesis of [Pecock's] scattered ideas and the occasional fresh insight." - The Canadian Journal of History ". . . a useful introduction to Pecock's thought." - Albion

"Brockwell's text is well documented. . . . Students of late medieval and early Reformation history will find the book especially useful." - Church History

". . . a carefully written contribution to our knowledge of this mid-fifteenth-century bishop of Chichester . . . ." - Speculum - A Journal of Mediaeval Studies

"Brockwell's monograph contributes to a fuller understanding of Pecock's work and of his place in the cultural and ecclesiastical scene of late medieval England." - The American Historical Review

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