Confessing Church, Conservative Elites, and the Nazi State

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Examines the close relationship between aristocratic Prussian landowners and the leadership of the Confessing Church and shows the limits of German conservative-elite opposition to Nazism. Contends that the opposition of the Confessing Church to the Nazi regime was highly ambiguous and argues that the so-called church struggle was but a special case of class struggle.


"Baranowski has hammered the last nail into the coffin of church struggle historiography as hagiographical event-history." - Currents in Theology and Mission

". . . refutes the `myth of resistance' that has been building in post-war Germany." - Religious Studies Review

"This is yet another piece of the jigsaw, and a critical one. . . . an important book, based on careful evidence." - European History Quarterly

". . . welcome addition . . . reveals, with clarity and conviction, the limits of the German conservative elite opposition . . . Baranowski is right in arguing that our politics of anti-communism have influenced the writing of the history of communist res

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