MacHovec, Frank

About the author: Frank MacHovec, formerly Visiting Associate Professor at Christopher Newport University, University of Virginia, and Rappahannock Community College, authored the first book on Hypnosis Complications; the first sex offender classification across age and gender. His other books include Cults and the Personality; Humor: Theory, History, Application, and the Expert Witness Survival Manual. He is past President of the Virginia Association for Marriage an Family Therapy. He has won several awards from different associations in psychology.

Spiritual Intelligence, Behavioral Sciences, and the Humanities
2002 0-7734-7213-4
Dr. Howard Gardner proposed that intelligence is multi-faced and suggests there are several distinct types. This book explores the features, scope and function in personality development of Spiritual Intelligence (SIQ). It begins with an overview of spiritual intelligence and its place in intelligence and personality theory. Later chapters place it in the historical context of the world’s religions and philosophies, from ancient times to the present. There is a Spiritual Awareness Inventory to measure reader spiritual awareness, practical exercises, and a list of recommended readings, augmented by an index and bibliography.

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