Bibliographical Survey of the Published Works of the Eighteenth-Century Wesleys (samuel the Elder, Samuel the Younger, Mehetabel, John, and Charles)

This bibliographic work provides scholars with the means for surveying the literary productivity of the Wesley family in eighteenth-century England and for gauging the ability of each individual member to influence the moral and social climates of their own time. While examining the works of Charles and John Wesley, the author also draws attention to the lesser known Wesleys.


"Rogal includes extensive references and cross references along with two sets of very helpful indices." Book News Inc.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Samuel Wesley the Elder
3 Samuel Wesley the Younger
4 Mehetabel Wesley Wright
5 John Wesley
6 Charles Wesley
7 John Wesley and Charles Wesley
8 Works Cited and Consulted
9 Indexes
a. Names
b. Titles