Repentance in Jewish Ethics, Philosophy and Mysticism

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This volume is a scholarly treatment which examines the ideological, mystical, and philosophical components of Repentance in Judaism. Each of the eleven chapters focuses on a different major approach to the central problem of repentance, representing the most significant and representative encounters to be found in Jewish thought during the past millennium. Topics include 10th century writer Rav Saadia Gaon; Bachya Ibn Paquda; Maimonides' Hilkhot Teshuvah; Sefer Hasidim and Sefer Ha-Roke'ah; Rabbi Jonah of Gerona; Sefer Ha-Yashar; the 13th century magnum opus of Kabbalah, The Zohar; the Lurianic movement; Maharal of Prague; 18th and 19th century Hasidim; and Rab Avraham Yitzhak Ha-Cohen Kook. This study is in Hebrew throughout.


"In this ambitious and edifying study, Shokek examines eleven approaches to the doctrine of repentance, from early medieval to modern times. . . . demonstrates considerable acumen in handling a wide range of philosophical and mystical concepts and issues. He methodically situates each thinker or movement within the Jewish tradition and, at times, argues for non-Jewish influence, as well. . . . constitutes a very worthwhile constribution to Jewish religious and intellectual history." - Religious Studies Review

"This is a significant and valuable contribution to the issue of Repentance in Judaism which is discussed masterfully. It is a very important original work which uses the original Hebrew sources and provides insight into one of the most problematic issues of Jewish Thought. An important feature in this book is the fundamental attempt to synchronize in a literary comparative method the Jewish ideologies of Repentance with the same topic of Christianity and Islam. . . . a unique and timely scholarly contribution." - Dr. Samuel Iwry

". . . a solid survey on an issue that has been quite crucial in Jewish religion and thought for centuries.Dr. Shokek's survey will fill a gap, as there has been no comprehensive presentation of the whole range of the understanding repentance in Judaism, neither in English nor in Hebrew. Dr. Shokek's current work on repentance is beautifully written and demonstrates his vast knowledge in Jewish ethics, philosophy, and mysticism." - Prof. Moshe Idel

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