Jewish Ethics and Jewish Mysticism in Sefer Ha-Yashar

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A survey of the manuscripts and printed editions of Sefer Ha-Yashar, one of the most complex spiritual and religious phenomena in 13th-century Judaism. It is one of the most important treatises in the history of Jewish spirituality, in which ethics merges with mysticism. Deals with the concept of God, Creation and problems of Evil, the illustration of Man and his Soul, and the theme of Love and Fear of God and Devekut in Sefer Ha-Yashar.


". . . a first-rate academic work. . . . Dr Shokek analyzed in detail every hint and possibility, and presented a coherent thesis concerning the place of this major work in medieval Jewish culture and history of Jewish ideas." - Joseph Dan, Gershom Scholem Professor of the Kabbalah, Institute of Jewish Studies.

". . . reflects a thorough and vast knowledge both in the Jewish sources and in the latest development in scholarship. . . . Through his analysis of Sefer Ha-Yashar, he contributes to a better understanding of the ideological struggles between Jewish philosophy and Kabbalah in the 13th century. . . . Dr. Shokek's book will attract the attention of many kinds of Middle Ages scholars, and not only the attention of scholars dealing with the field of Judaica." - Professor Moshe Idel

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