Rabbinic Perspectives on the New Testament

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Disposes of the incorrect view expressed by many Jewish apologists that there is no explicit Jewish doctrine of the afterlife; that Judaism is concerned with earthly existence only; and "warns us against useless speculation about the details of the afterlife." Explicates an elaborate doctrine of eternal punishment which is explicitly formulated and recorded in the Talmud and various Midrashim.


"The essays are readable and instructive. . . . . can be recommended for serious students. . . " - The Messianic Review of Books"Rabbi Dr. Dan Cohn-Sherbok teaches Jewish theology at the University of Kent, and has drawn together `distinguished Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu thinkers who explore the central issues arising from the Salman Rushdie controversy'. It was a novel and helpful idea to collect responses from a variety of religious traditions to the whole episode. . . . Shabbir Akhtar's dissection of the book and its author carries weight because of its fervency and profound sense of hurt. Bhikhu Parekh's analysis of the responses to the Rushdie affair from both the British press and British Muslims carries real authority for its measured, irenic and perceptive judgments on the inadequacy of all parties to the events. . . . Much the most valuable contribution is that of the Hindu Professor of Political Theory at Hull, Bhiku Parekh, for his incisive delineation of how we all got it wrong." - Crucible

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