Political Socialization of Soviet Youth

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This study involves research into bureaucratic behavior and group interest articulation, and repercussions of cultural, society-government (party) relations. This is one of the only books in the field to study the reasons why Soviet citizens do not do what the Party and State expect: to test an hypothesis that there is something about the Soviet character - particularly that of the Great Russian - that inhibits acceptance of the Party line and plans to remake the individual in Lenin's image.


"This book, which thoroughly utilizes a vast array of Soviet sources, is of contemporary importance in that it will assist the reader in understanding some of the questions that have been asked over and over again in the past months concerning the cataclysmic changes that have affected the Soviet Union and its eastern European satellites. . . . A strong feature of the book is the excellent review of schooling in the Soviet Union." - Frank M. Lovrich in Scholarly Research and Review

Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview

Chapter I Educational Ideas of the Communist Fathers

Chapter II Soviet Educational Psychology

Chapter III Educational Theory Matched to the State's Needs

Chapter IV The Soviet Family and Political Education

Chapter V Revolutionary Change and Teachers

Chapter VI The Teacher as Upbringer

Chapter VII Political Socialization in the Military

Chapter VIII Youth Organization and Political Education

Chapter IX The Need for Educational Reform



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