Liquidator’s Wife: A Post- Chernobyl Tale & Other Stories by Leanid Levanovich

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America – Belarus – Chernobyl: these are the ABC’s which provide the essence of this book by the renowned Belarusian writer Leanid Levanovich. The author writes about life of Belarusians in the U.S.A., and about the worries, concerns and joy of the folks back home. The Chernobyl tragedy has touched him deeply. An outstanding translation into English of the original Belarusian and Russian works of Levanovich.


“In his short stories and novels Leanid levanovich provides a profound revelation of the national soul, a display of the love of life and fortitude of the Belarusian nation, the loyalty to home and family, and an optimistic outlook in defiance to Chernobyl. The Levanovich leitmotif is Love Will Save the World.”
-Professor Aleksey Rahulya,
Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts,
Minsk, Belarus

“This manuscript will replenish the very modest body of English-language translations from Belarusian…Levanovich’s literary pieces will contribute to the reduction of deficit of information on Belarus as a country in the very middle between authoritarian East and democratic West.”
-Dr. Jan Zaprudnik,
Asst. Professor, SUNY, Queens College

“Leanid Levanovich is a writer and a beekeeper. In the summertime he lives in his apiary. From there he has a clear view onto the cornflowers in the swaying fields of grain. This is indeed the essence of his daily toil: like a bee he gathers the honey of his native words.”
-Vladimir Levin,Book Reviewer
Davidzon Weekly, NYC

"... the writer shows the tragic period in the life of the Belarusian people after the Chernobyl accident, analyzes the restructuring, examines in details the circumstances of the proclamation of the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus. ... It uses the classic achievements of the national literature and enriches it with new themes and images." - Prof. Ivan Saverchenko, Yanka Kupala National Academy of Sciences, Director, Institute of Literary Studies

Table of Contents

Foreword by Aleksey Rahulya
Preface by Joseph Mozur
Translator’s Preface: The ABC’s of Leanid Levanovich by Ihar Kozak
The Golden Door
The Knight of Love: An Apiary Tale
The Return
The Liquidator’s Wife
A Bouquet of Cornflowers [Recollections of One Writer Meeting Another]
An Evening in Kokchetav
Her Partisan Past
A Small Pencil
An Orgasm in a Warsaw Hotel
Life Now Is a TV Sequel
Death of a Beekeeper
Tuzya; A Dog’s Life
The White Crow: A Rare Bird
A Fleeting Vignette
How I Kissed a Swallow
Robert Frost’s “Birches”
This Age of Ours
A Declaration of Love [My letter to Yakub Kolas post mortem]
Seven Odes to America: An Essay

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