Morphology of Russian Mentality. A Philosophical Inquiry in Conservatism and Pragmatism

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This is a philosophical, psychological and economic analysis of the basic archetypes of mentality of the Homo Sovieticus. The "child archetype," "twilight mentality," and archetypes of worship and protection are some of the concepts the author uses to describe the phenomenology of Russian and Soviet conservatism. He analyzes the so-called "Turannian" components of the Russian national psyche, discusses the views of both traditional and modern "Eurasians". Using literature, the media, and economic data, he illustrates the emergence of the antitotalitarian spirit as the precondition for the transition to "positive pragmatism", or the emergence of a Russian version of protestant ethics.


"Zviglyanich's dense but thoughtful book advances this highly provocative interpretation of Gorbachevism, and convincingly so. . . . rich and provocative analysis. . . . engrossinng, truly innovative interpretation of Bolshevism, Stalinism, perestroika, and so many other adventures of the Russian mind." -- Orbis

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface



Part I: The Architectonics of the Conservative Mind: The History and Phenomenology

Chapter I: Vekhi and De Profundis: A Framework for the Discussion of Conservatism and Pragmatism

Chapter II: The Seduction of Autarky: Russia and the Unique Path

Chapter III: The Phenomenology of Soviet Conservatism

Part II: On the Road to Pragmatism: Precedents and Prospects

Chapter IV: On the Road to Pragmatism: The Paradigms of Freedom and the Emergence of the Anti-Totalitarian Mentality

Chapter V: The Road to Positive Pragmatism 2: What was Perestroika in Reality?

Chapter VI: Pragmatism and LAw Consciousness: Ivan Il'In

Chapter VII: Pragmatism and the Reconstruction of the Market-Type Mentality



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