Matthew's Narrative Use of Galilee in the Multicultural and Missiological Journeys of Jesus

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Matthew deals with underlying tensions created by synagogues which were isolated from the multicultural context of Galilee and churches which were contextualized in multicultural settings, attempting to bridge these opposing constituencies through a three-horizon hermeneutic: the Galilee of the Gentiles text of Isaiah 9:1,2; contemporary Judaism; and the missionary church in a multicultural context. This study provides insights into the historical background of Galilee in a first-century multicultural context. The multicultural foundations of the Matthean community have implications for contemporary mission practice. This study brings together ecclesiology and missiology, long separated, which must be bridged according to Matthew's holistic model of church and mission in dynamic partnership.


“Hertig demonstrates that by using the three-horizon approach it is possible to arrive at a missiological reading of Matthew that sheds fresh light on the church’s mission in a world that has become highly urban, multicultural, and burdened with multitudes of poor and oppressed people. . . . Hertig illustrates the text with graphic figures that clarify his meaning.” – Calvin Theological Journal

“This is a useful study will within current discussion of the Gospel and would be appreciated by lecturers and research students in the Gospels.” – Theological Book Review

“The book is a powerful argument for the missionary nature of the church based on the Galilean model of Matthew and it contains practical suggestions for continuing that model today – at the margins.” - The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

"Paul Hertig has produced a path-breaking study. . . . makes good use of recent emphases in NT study such as sociological insights, narrative criticism, and hermeneutics. His work sheds light at once on the Gospel of Matthew itself, but also on the contemporary understanding of Matthew especially in its modern missiological application. . . . Hertig has produced a rich, fresh, and stimulating study that will enrich every reader." - Donald A. Hagner, George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The Three-Horizon Hermeneutical Model
3. Matthew's First Horizon: Isaiah's Galilee Promise
4. Matthew's Second Horizon: Judaism
5. The Socio-Political Context of Matthew's Community
6. Matthew's Third Horizon: Galilee, Gateway to Mission
7. Our First Horizon: The Great Commission Text
8. Our Second Horizon: The Church Today
9. Our Third Horizon: Mission in Diverse Contexts
10. Margin and Center Journeys of Transformation
11. Conclusion
Index of Biblical References
Index of Subjects and Authors

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