Hertig, Paul

About the author: Dr. Hertig received his PhD from the Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Mission. He is currently Assistant Professor of World Christianity at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio.

Matthew's Narrative Use of Galilee in the Multicultural and Missiological Journeys of Jesus
1998 0-7734-2444-X
Matthew deals with underlying tensions created by synagogues which were isolated from the multicultural context of Galilee and churches which were contextualized in multicultural settings, attempting to bridge these opposing constituencies through a three-horizon hermeneutic: the Galilee of the Gentiles text of Isaiah 9:1,2; contemporary Judaism; and the missionary church in a multicultural context. This study provides insights into the historical background of Galilee in a first-century multicultural context. The multicultural foundations of the Matthean community have implications for contemporary mission practice. This study brings together ecclesiology and missiology, long separated, which must be bridged according to Matthew's holistic model of church and mission in dynamic partnership.

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