Can Muslims and Christians Resolve Their Religious and Social Conflicts? Cases From Africa and the United States

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This is a collection of essays that address inter-faith dialogue between Muslims and Christians in America and Africa. It addresses the issues dealing with how some Christians depict America as founded on Christian principles, and how this might deter dialogue across different religions. The goal is to get people to converse, not as formulaic Muslims or Christians, but as people with complex, plural, and ever-changing identities that defuse religious antagonism.


“What makes this book distinctive is its emphasis on the good work already being done and its proposals for strategies to further improve relations between the traditions.’”
Christopher Kelly,
Sacred Heart University

“Interfaith discussion has great potential as an aspect of the peacemaking process when it is approached with an openness and sincerity.”
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
Chairman of the Cordoba Initiative

Table of Contents

Foreword One – Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
Foreword Two – Most Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah

Part 1: The African Context
“Revisiting the Perennial Religious Conflicts in Northern Nigeria, 1990-2010: Broadening the Focus of Muslim-Christian Dialogue” Marinus C. Iwuchukwu
“The Problems and Promises of Muslim-Christian Politics in Nigeria: A Scholar-Pastor’s View” Joseph Kenny, O.P.
“Muslim-Christian Conflicts in Africa: The Quest for Responsible Action” Cyril Orji

Part 2: The American Context
“Catholic-Muslim Dialogue and the Challenge of America’s Polity, Values, and Culture” Daniel P. Sheridan
“Religious Violence as a Public Health Disease from an Epidemiological Perspective” Khlood Falk Salman

Part 3: Perspectives from the Christian Tradition
“Jesus and the Samaritan Woman: A Model for Dialogue” Joseph F. Mali
“The Spiritan Congregation’s Mission to Africa: Clues to an Appropriate Relationship of Christians with Muslims” Elochukwu E. Uzukwu
“Neighbor-Love as a Keystone to Christian-Muslim Dialogue” Brian Stiltner

Part 4: Perspectives from the Muslim Tradition “Muslims in the Performative Mode: A Reflection on Muslim-Christian Dialogue on American College Campuses” Marcia K. Hermansen
“Dialogue between Muslim and Christians: Qur’anic Guidance, Historical Precedents, and Contemporary Prospects in the United States” Zeki Saritoprak

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