Marketing Ethics

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While researchers and writers in the marketing profession tend to discuss ethics using a broad-based approach or through case studies, this work provides an in-depth examination of particular issues facing the marketing professional such as fear appeals, intrusiveness, and the marketer’s contribution to America‘s materialistic culture. Addressing these ethical challenges, the author explains how and why the profession needs to change its practices.


“This book addresses some of the key ethical concerns related to marketing and advertising practices. It focuses attention on the nature of new ethical breaches made possible by the increasing capabilities of technology, and revisits some of the classic ethical missteps that have been made in marketing over the years. . . .As Saucier points out throughout this book, the field of marketing must seriously focus on dispelling the notion that “marketing ethics is a contradiction of terms.” - Kimberley K. Folkers, Associate Professor of Marketing , Wartburg College

"The topic of marketing ethics has never been more important than it is today. While the topic has been covered by other authors (e.g., Marketing Ethics by George Brenkert, CH, Oct'08, 46-0991; Ethical Marketing by Patrick Murphy et al., CH, May'05, 42-5356), Saucier (management, St. John's Univ., Minnesota) focuses primarily on advertising. His book addresses advertisers' use of questionable tactics including fear appeals, targeting children, and deceptive advertising such as puffery, as well as privacy issues. He also discusses some topics that affect society as a whole. For example, in one chapter Saucier tackles the question of how the use of waif-like models in advertising influences body image. Another chapter addresses America's materialistic culture. For the most part, the research cited throughout the book is current, and most studies presented as evidence for his writings were published within the last eight years. The appendix includes the entire American Marketing Association's Code of Ethics as well as the Core Principles of the Children's Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureaus. This succinct work addresses some of today's most pressing ethical issues in marketing communications. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections. -- N. E. Furlow, Marymount University for Choice

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits
1 Marketing Ethics: A Discussion
2 “We Mean No Harm!” The Use of Fear Appeals 4 Are Marketers Robbing Kids of Their Childhood?
5 How Much Is Too Much? - The American Materialistic Culture
6 Body Image Advertising: Do Today’s Models Promote Unhealthy Images?
7 Losing Consumer Trust: The Trade-Off Between Consumer Privacy and Personalized Service
8 “My Brand is the Best!” - Puffery and Deceptive Advertising Practices
9 Marketing Ethics - Conclusions

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