Studies in the Strategy and Tactics of Competitive Advantage Management in the New Millennium

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This volume provides an in-depth survey of current research inquiry as it concerns an organization’s ability to achieve competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and global economy. The essays draw upon the expertise of university scholars, all employed at AACSB accredited Business Schools, and provide the readership with insight concerning competitive advantage from three perspectives: hypotheses on the conditions under which firms can achieve competitive advantage; the importance of quantitative models in developing a theory of competitive advantage; and critiques of a positivist theory of competitive advantage.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction: On the Theory of Competitive Advantage (Guy Oakes)
2. Organizational Wisdom as a Strategic Weapon (Edward W. Christensen, Paul E. Bierly III, Edward Kessler)
3. Marketing Intelligence Using the Internet: A Framework for Future Competitiveness (Edward W. Christensen, Dawn R. Deeter-Schmelz)
4. Beyond the Strategic Business Unit: How Hospitals are using the Center of Excellence as an Evolving Strategic Response to Managed Care Diffusion (Edward R. Balotsky, James O. Hacker)
5. Progression Toward Efficiency: Why Managed Care is an Economically Rational Strategy for Health Care Insurers and Consumers (Louis J. Pantuosco, Edward R. Balotsky)
6. Cohesion in Formal Teams: Impact on Performance (Dawn R. Deeter-Schmelz)
7. Organizational Justice: A Strategic Imperative for Management in the 21st Century (Larry W. Howard)
8. Quality-Constrained Reliability and Pricing for Delivery Services Offering Deferred Service and Facing Competition (Jess S. Boronico)
9. The Information Content of Volatility: The Case of the S&P 100 Stock Index (Andreas C. Christofi, Andreas Pericli)
10. Real Options: A Must for Managers to Remain Competitive (Raja Nag, Ozcan Sezer)
11. REITS: the New Way of Investing in Real Estate Assets (Donald Moliver and Raja Nag)
12. Flexibilization of Work Hours and Gender Equity: Is Reconciliation Possible? (Ellen Mutari)
13. Encountering Capital, Encountering Knowledge: Concerns for Labor in the New Millennium (Raza A. Mire, Biju Mathew, Ali Mir

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