Managerial Network in a Multinational Enterprise

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This is one of the first theoretical and empirical studies of cross-border interactions among managers in a multinational enterprise (MNE). It extends current knowledge by conceptualizing the MNE as a network of interpersonal ties determined by structural factors and shared personal background, and in turn the network they form affects subsidiary action and performance. The conceptual model is supported by data from 457 managerial and professional employees in a large non-profit MNE.


“This book fills a void in the international management literature on the nature and role of managerial networks in multinational enterprises. It examined both the antecedents (the structural roles and the personal and cultural attributes of an international manager) and the effects (subsidiary strategy and performance) of managerial networks. . . . The first hand data on the network ties and the background characteristics of 457 managers of 41 nationalities working in 36 countries are truly rich and impressive. The study addressed well some challenging issues that empirical research of this type has to face, for example, the choice of a working language in interview and survey design and cultural sensitivity in field data collection. . . . The study’s results are intriguing.” – Dr. Aimin Yan

“Overall, the model is well grounded in the relevant literatures in network theory, organization theory, strategic management, and international management. There are several notable strengths. . . this is a multidisciplinary work that draws from various theoretical perspectives and does this in an informed way. The complementarity of all these perspectives allows for a more in-depth and comprehensive examination of the phenomenon under study. Second, this is a cross-level study, in that the main constructs of the model are defined and measured at different levels of analysis. . . . This is perhaps the most comprehensive data on network ties in an MNE to date. . . . He has produced a book that will appeal to both researchers of MNEs and social networks as well as management practitioners from global firms. . . presents practitioners with a good description of the different types of managerial networks, the dimensions of these networks, and ideas of what the factors for building such networks in organizations are. It also shows that the various characteristics of managerial networks affect two very important subsidiary level outcomes – strategies and performance.” – Dr. Tatiana Kostova

“Professor Manev’s work is ground breaking. He has tested the linkage between the attributes of individuals, the networks they form across an organization, and the strategy and performance of an organization. As well as the formal structure of the multinational, his work alerts us to the significance of the informal networks that develop across subsidiaries. His work is sure to inspire others to extend our knowledge of the informal networks formed in organizations into the international arena.” – Dr. William B. Stevenson

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