Economic Implications of Caricom for Haiti

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This study shows both the advantages and disadvantages of joining a customs-union/monetary union by a small developing country. It contains a general overview and then develops specific implications of CARICOM and tariff changes for Haiti.


“This is a comprehensive theoretical assessment of the likely economic impact of Haiti’s accession to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Using economics theory the author discusses the advantages and disadvantages of joining a customs-union/monetary union by a small developing country. This study is timely and useful…. Dr. Orphee’s theoretical analysis is based on a comprehensive literature review that draws on current economic theory and relevant documentation….the literature review and reference material that is included in the work makes it valuable for academics and technocrats who are already familiar with the CARICOM protocols and reference material. This book will be an important addition to the emerging literature on the evolving state of Caribbean economic integration.” – Jennifer Hosten

“… a masterful weaving of the economical, political and cultural analysis of the island, its remarkable history and resilient people and the significant role it can play as a member of CARICOM….provides a blueprint for the Island political leaders if implemented, could transform the economy of the island and greatly improve most sectors of the population, especially ordinary workers. Indeed, this text could serve as a model for other Caribbean countries moving toward economic and political independence and a source book for economists and policy makers in the region. This book is required reading for anyone interested in Caribbean regional development in an age of globalization.” – J. Everet Green, Mercy College

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. General Overview
2. Some Implications of CARICOM for Haiti
3. Impact of Tariff Changes and Haiti
4. Some Reflections on Protocol II of CARICOM and Haiti
5. Concluding Observations
Appendix I: Regional Integration Agreements in the Americas after 1990
Appendix II: single Market Update
Appendix III: IMF Concludes Article IV consultation with Haiti
Bibliography; Index

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