Les Oublies/will There Be Promises. .

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This bilingual edition of Les Oublies will be the first presentation in English of the work of a contemporary French poet whose literary distinction and importance are increasingly recognized both in France and internationally. The collection itself is one of the most imaginative, linguistically innovative and humanly sensitive of recent years. The translations are a twin venture: half done by Jacqueline Kiang, an Parisian artist and translator, half by Peter Broome, poet, translator, critic. The aim is to bring two interpretative emphases, two temperaments and two linguistic sensitivities to bear, and the work is, therefore, c contribution to the problematics of translation, with room for comparative critical discussion.
The edition has not only the French poems with facing, two-toned translations, but is accompanied by a substantial introduction to the poetry of Jean-Charles Vegliante, the first of its kind, and a concluding essay by the poet himself (who is also a major translator of Italian poetry, notably Dante) on aspects of translation.

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