André Frénaud, Choix De Poèmes / Selected Poems (1938-1986)

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André Frénaud is a massive presence in the French poetry of the second half of the twentieth century, a poet immersed in the dilemmas of his age: the collapse of values, the conflicts of conscience, the moral and political disorientation, the splintering of identity. The translations of the present anthology, which is the first wide-ranging presentation of Frénaud’s work in English, seek to convey the multi-colored nuances, the vigorous antitheses, the passionate to-and-fro, and the startling imaginative excursions of this adventurous and highly original poet.


“Peter Broome has an ear that is finely tuned to all the qualities of Frénaud’s poetry. His translations are beautifully judged, alive to the rigors of the French originals. They understand and give back Frénaud’s measures with appropriate discretion. In this admirably selected and translated anthology of a very fine poet, Peter Broome has rendered Frénaud with elegance and tact.” – Dr. Martin Sorrell, Professor of French and Literary Translation, University of Exeter

“Professor Peter Broome presents a well-crafted, inventive translation of an anthology from works of a poet on whom he is a world authority and whose centenary (Frénaud was born in 1907) makes this undertaking timely.” – Dr. John Parkin, School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Foreword by Professor Martin Sorrell
1 Les Rois Mages – The Magi (1977)
2 Il n’y a pas de paradais – There is no such thing as paradise (1962)
3 La Sainte Face – The holy face (1968)
4 Depuis toujours déjà – Since always already (1970)
5 La Sorcière de Rome – The Sorceress of Rome (1973)
6 Hæres – Inheritors, inherited (1982)
7 Nul ne s’égare – No one goes astray(1986)
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