Le Nouveau Spectateur Français by Justus Van Effen: A Critical Edition prepared by James L. Schorr

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"The present edition is destined for the modern reader and has attempted a significant reading of the 1725-1726 edition. Substantive changes from the 1742 edition, that is, changes in word order that nay alter the meaning of the text, are indicated in footnotes as variants. Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization have been modernized, although I keep Van Effen's preference for capitalizing the deity. I also follow the 1725-1726 edition's use of italics, which serve a variety of functions, from indicating simple emphasis, to underscoring the author's use of irony, as well as indicating quoted materials, whether they be simple quotes, parts of a dialogue, or a quote within a quote."(xxxiv)

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
a. Born of Literary Controversy
b. 'Spectatorial' journals
c. Marivaux
d. Voltaire
e. La Motte
f. 'Lettre d'un homme d'âge'
II. Le Nouveau Spectateur français
a. 'Ami Lecteur'
b. Nos. I - XXVIII
III. Selected Bibliography
a. Journalism
b. Justus van Effen
c. Works
1. Spectators
2. Journals and reviews
3. Collaborative journals and reviews
4. Miscellaneous
5. Translations
6. Pamphlets
a. Camusat
b. La Chapelle
c. Pingré

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