Essays in Irish Literary Criticism: Themes of Gender, Sexuality, and Corporeality

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The only collection of its kind to be produced with a single, cutting edge theme, and to gather recent and upcoming scholarship in the area of gender and sexuality. Literary analyses feature prominently in the collection but essays from the disciplines of English, Film and Media Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies help to widen the scope of the topic as well as provide genuinely interdisciplinary dialogue.


“. . . as a snapshot of the critical interests of some of the most perceptive and active young scholars in Ireland today, this collection prefigures the directions in which critical debate in the humanities may be expected to go in future years.” - Prof. Christopher Morash, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

“A notable strength of the collection is its interrogation of ‘the body’ – whether politicized, sexualized, gendered, disciplined, or liberated.” - Prof. Margaret Kelleher National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Moynagh Sullivan
Section I: Exploring Sexuality and Corporeality
“I am unable even / To contain myself”: The Maternal Threshold of Subjectivity in Medbh McGuckian’s The Flower and Other Poems – Niamh Hehir
“My Form is Epicene”: Sexual Ambiguity in the Poetry of Richard Murphy – Ben Keatinge
Bodies on Samuel Beckett’s Fiction and Drama – Anne Markey
The Journal Urania: An Alternative Archive of Radical Gender Masquerade – Sonja Tiernan
Experiential Ekphrasis in Eva Bourke’s “Letter to Sujata” – Megan Buckley
Section II: Discourses of Sexuality and Irishness
The “Unmarried Mother” and Moral Politics in the Free State: Developing a Political Narrative for the History of Sexuality in Ireland – Michael G. Cronin
Irish Confessional Discourse in Kate O’Brien’s Novels – Catherine Smith
Sexuality and Religion in Kate O’Brien’s Fiction - Sharon Tighe-Mooney
“The Erotic Highstyle”: Self-Reflexivity and Performativity in Robert McLiam Wilson’s Eureka Street and Ripley Bogle – Caroline Magennis
Section III: Surveying Sexuality and Gender in Sport, in Song and on Screen
“French Letters”: The Space of the HIV body in Irish Television Broadcasting in the mid-1980s – Deidre Quinn
“He Sees His Own Face Reflected”: Representations of Eamon de Valera in the Fiction and Films of Neil Jordan – Val Nolan
Masculinity, Victimization and the Recuperation of Authority in InterMissionFintan Walsh
The Body in Pedro Almodóvar’s Work: A Site of Rhizomatic Symbolic Violence – Jenny O’ Connor
Queer Rewrites of the Self in the Songs of Suzanne Vega: “I will be Dietrich and you can be Dean” – Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka
Women in Sport: The Oxymoronic Irish Woman Athlete and her Experiences of Traditional Gender Constructs within a Mainstream Heteronormative Society – Linda Green

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