Law of Treaties Between States and International Organizations

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The orthodox view that a treaty is an agreement between States has been seriously challenged by the growing practice of international organizations in the post World War II period. In responseto this, an International Convention was concluded in Vienna in 1986 under the auspices of the United Nations. The Convention presents a valuable contribution to the codification and progressive development of international law in two important fields: the law of treaties, and the legal status of international organizations. This study is based on the Convention, against the background of existing customary law, and is both a valuable textbook and, more significantly, a practical guide book for statesmen and foreign service personnel throughout the world.


" . . . a valuable addition to the body of legal literature at this juncture in history. . . . In fact, in this era of far-reaching, exciting and fast-paced developments in the international sphere, The Law of Treaties Between States and International Organizations by Professor Menon provides the substantive essentials pertinent to treaty formation, interpretation and application, as well as amendment and termination. It therefore covers the entire spectrum of treaty-making from beginning to end, concisely and clearly; and serves as a compact and yet comprehensive guide to this important area of international law." - Stephen J. Leacock

appear increasingly intertwined: the law of treaties and the international legal status of inter-governmental organizations. . . . Menon has provided a full discourse on the 1986 Vienna Convention in an easily digestible format. In so doing, he has provided us with a text well worth reading. . . . clearly a welcome contribution to the literature on both treaties and international organization." - K.A. Brown

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