Chinese Foreign Policy Towards Africa and the United States: Creating the Structure for World Governance (Hardcover)


Mellen Distinguished Dissertation
Dr. Xia' dissertation focuses on China's scheme of global governance and multilateralism, the relationship between China and the United States and Africa. It seeks to show how international organizations promote cooperation between states.


"Since implementing the “reform and opening-up” policy, China’s gate has been open to the world. Interactions between China and the rest of the world have been strengthened. China’s international prestige has been consistently raised. The situation of the world and the Chinese society is always changing, therefore, the “reform and opening-up” is an ongoing revolution for China, and it seemingly will not come to the end in the future."
From the Prologue

Table of Contents



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Chapter One: Why Dialogue and Cooperation Are Engaged in China’s Diplomatic Theory

Chapter Two: The Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Latest Diplomatic Practice

Chapter Three: China’s Diplomatic Practice: the Reform of China’s Party and State Institutions in the Field of Foreign Affairs

Chapter Four: How China-United States Bilateral Relations Have Been Switched from Antagonists to Partners

Chapter Five: China-United States Relations Since the First Decade of the 21st Century

Chapter Six: Contemporary China-Africa Relations

Chapter Seven: Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)



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