United Nations' Efforts to Outlaw Arms in Outer Space a Brief History with Key Documents

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". . . an excellent compilation of significant materials on the subject and provides a valuable guide in a compact and condensed form. [Includes] clear and concise treatment of Disarmament in Perspective [and] a valuable catalogue of Military Uses of Outer Space. The intractable problem of defining "peaceful" in an objective, universally acceptable way is well-treated and the self-interest, mistrust and fear of individual nations in this regard is very effectively analyzed. . . . a useful select bibliography. . . . the legal rules are set out clearly and simply. The intellectual preparation . . . very effectively lays the groundwork for the treatment of Problems and Accomplishment in Chapter 4, which is the heart of the book." - Sri Lanka Journal of International Law

" . . .Professor Menon's book is a vital history of the United Nations' efforts to prevent an arms race in outer space, a race which, if unrestrained, could result in our ultimate and untimely destruction." - Houston Journal of International Law

". . . an excellent compilation of relevant material on the subject. It is not only a point of departure for the researcher but provides resource material for the student of international law and international relations. The Professor's own views and opinions, based on his wide and knowledgeable experience in the field, are themselves primary sources of research." -- Honourable Justice Anthony Lucky, Judge of the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago, in his review in West Indian Law Journal

". . . this is an easy book to read containing a lot of information. It could be an introduction for law students and also the general public to the problems of the arms race in outer space with indications to study further the complete orbit of complex legal questions facing the space lawyer on earth." - Louis Haeck in Annals of Air and Space Law

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