Lacanian Interpretations of Shakespeare

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This volume of the Shakespeare Yearbook brings together articles centered around the intersections between Lacanian Theory and the literary production of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.


From the Introduction:“The volume will be of interests to
psychoanalysts, scholars of Shakespeare and the English Renaissance, rhetoricians and literary theorists, and anyone interested in exploring the resonances of the teaching of Jacques Lacan in our time . . .”

Table of Contents

Lacan and the Renaissance
- Shirley Sharon-Zisser


  1. Rhetorical Erotogenicity: Shakespearean Poetics after Lacan’s Borromean Clinic
    - Shirley Sharon-Zisser
  2. “An empty body, a ghost, a pale incubus”: Shakespeare, Lacan, and the future anterior
    - Mark Robson
  3. Hamlet and Feminine Jouissance
    - Maire Jaanus
  4. To be or not to be?: Why Hamlet takes center stage in the Lacanian mechanics of perversion
    - David Sigler
  5. Lacan, Hamlet, and the Problem of Mourning
    - Douglas Trevor
  6. Tropics of Will; or, who cares about the subject?
    - Tracey Sedinger
  7. “Very Now”: Time and the intersubjective in Othello
    - David Wood
  8. “Manifesting Symbolic Necessity”: Sound and the Signifying Chain in Othello
    - Rory G Lukins
  9. Psychoanalysis, Trauma and Restoration Culture: The Case of Tate’s Lear
    - Matthew Biberman
  10. “To Knit these Broken Limbs Again into One Body”: The Semiotics of Dismemberment and the Ethics of Spectatorship in Julie Taymor’s Titus
    - Lucian Ghita
  11. “And see a fearful sight of blood and death”: Julie Taymor’s Hermeneutics of Violence in Titus
    - Kristen Lacefield
  12. How to do the History of Heterosexuality
    - Will Stockton
  13. A Sociology of Shakespeare: Or Scattered Speculations on Capital, the Symbolic, Social Structure and Agency in Shakespeare’s The
  14. Merchant of Venice
    - Robert Carley The Falchion and the Phallus in Shakespeare’s The
  15. Rape of Lucrece
    - Greg Bentley Procreation as the mark of loss: A study of Shakespeare’s poetry
    - Shideh Ahmad-zadeh
  16. Sidney, Lacan, and the Perverse Phantasy of Pastoral
    - Stephen Whitworth
  17. Critical evanescence: rethinking early modern subjectivities through Lacan
    - Kelly McGuire
  18. The Flesh and the Word: John Donne, Desire and the Holy Sonnets
    - Jeremiah Crotser
  19. Protecting the Ancestral Signified: Chastity and Meaning in The Revenger’s Tragedy
    - Jamie P. Bondar
  20. Pedringano’s Box: Kyd, Lacan, and the abysmal logic of revenge
    - Gary A. Schmidt
  21. Ethics of form: discursive structure in Richard Hakluyt’s Principal Navigations
    - Jan Olesen
  22. Lear to the Letter: Poe Before Shakespeare, Derrida Before Lacan
    - Erin Felicia Labbie

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