SHAKESPEARE AFTER 9/11: How a Social Trauma Reshapes Interpretation

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This work assembles a composite picture of Shakespeare’s afterlives in media and cultural imagination. Each essay in this collection provides new insight about how our understanding of Shakespeare has changed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.


“…a must-read for Shakespeareans and, indeed, anyone interested in the long history of religious violence in the modern age. This volume’s many points of entry into the legacies of
9/11 should provoke further conversations about the class of politics and theology on early modern and contemporary world stages.”
-Prof. Graham Hammill
SUNY at Buffalo

Table of Contents


1. Shakespeare After 9/11

Matthew Biberman

Prose Poem:

2. "This Thing of Darkness"

Tom Sleigh


3. Shakespeare and Terror

Graham Holderness and Bryan Loughrey

4. Extraordinary Renditions: Toward an Agency of Place

Linda Charnes

5. "Wicked Meaning in a Lawful Deed": Shakespeare on the Obscenity of Power

Slavoj Zizek

6. Explosive Signifiers: Sulayman Al-Bassam's Post 9/11 Odyssey

Margaret Litvin

Critical Forum:

7. Shakespeare and the Dialectic of Enlightenment: A Presentist Perspective

Hugh Grady

8. Harrying After VV

Scott Newstok and Harry Berger Jr.

9. Shakespeare After 5/11

Jonathan Gil Harris

10. Whither Brutus?: Rethinking Julius Caesar in the New American


Scott Maisano 11. "Senseless Ilium"

Christopher Pye

12. Shakespeare—for the Long Haul

Elizabeth Jane Bellamy

13. "And Here's Thy Hand": Titus Andronicus in a Time of Terror

James Kuzner

14. Contemplating Suicide: Shakespeare After the September 11 Attacks

Bryan Reynolds

15. Shakespeare's Bare (Ruined) Lives

Richard Burt


16. The Great Awakening

Robert Polito

Theatre Forum: 17. "All Are Punished": Staging Romeo and Juliet in a post 9/11 World

Stephen M. Davis

18. On 9/11 as a Concept for Shakespeare Productions

Cynthia White

19. Thoughts on Shakespeare After 9/11

Terry Burgler

20. Beyond Humanism and Postmodernism: A Hamlet for the 21st


Walter A. Davis

21. "This Rough Magic"

Sidney Berger


22. Guernica Unveiled

Graham Holderness


23. "Preposterous Violence": Shakespeare after 9/11,9/11 after


Ben Saunders

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