John Buchan: A Bibliographic Catalogue of His Uncollected Journalism

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This book is an extensive bibliographic catalogue of John Buchan’s uncollected journalism, over a thousand items in total. The articles are categorized by subject matter with summaries for each. This catalogue contains articles and reviews that have not been included in previous Buchan bibliographies.


This bibliographic catalogue has been prepared to assist Buchan specialists and other scholars of all levels who are seeking to research his uncollected journalism. It is based on the standard reference work for Buchan scholars, Robert G. Blanchard’s The First Editions of John Buchan: A Collector’s Bibliography (1981), which is generally referred to as Blanchard. This catalogue builds on this work by including an additional 119 items which have come to light since Blanchard was originally published, and by providing more detailed information in a format specifically designed to aid researchers. In particular, it divides Buchan’s essays into various categories and summarizes the content of every article.

Table of Contents


A. Literature and Books

B. Poetry and Verse

C. Biography, Memoirs, and Letters

D. History

E. Religion

F. Philosophy and Science

G. Politics and Society

H. Imperial and Foreign Affairs

I. War, Military, and Naval Affairs

J. Economics, Business, and Trade Unions

K. Education

L. The Law and Legal Cases

M. Travel and Exploration

N. Fishing, Hunting, Mountaineering, and Other Sports

U. Unsourced Items

Appendix: Catalogue Items Omitted by Blanchard

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