Islam and Secularism in Muslim Thought: Essays on Muslim Faith and Western Secularism

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"This work stands on complex contributions of thought intersecting the faith of Muslim writers with other non-Muslim authors in a few secular theses, each from their own perspective. Amongst several distinguished thinkers, the book focuses closely on the Sudanese martyrs of thought, the spiritual philosopher Mahmoud Mohamed Taha and the socialist scholar 'Abd al-Khaliq Mahgoub, both popular political leaders who advanced religious and secular thinking in the Sudanese society, in particular, and the Arab and African regions, in general. ...This work adopted a general meaning of secularism to allow understanding worldly, as well as religious concepts of thought...regarding complex inter-related topics by the analysis and induction of facts and themes, irrespective of consensual or differential ideologies of faith, to lay down the meanings and to clarify implications." -from the Editor's "Preface"

Table of Contents

Commendatory Foreword
Abdullah Yusuf Ali: Contemplating the Holy Qur'an
Ali Mazrui and other Scholars: Islam Synthetic Universalism
Farooq Abu Eissa: The Right to Fair Trial
Mahmoud Mohamed Taha: Twentieth Century Islam
George Ritzer: Theories of Western Secularism
Mahgoub El Tigani Mahmoud: The Freedom of Thought vs. Repression of Expression
Mahgoub El Tigani Mahmoud: Muslim-Western Relations
Mahgoub El Tigani Mahmoud: Individuality Collectivity Pendulum
Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim: Islamic Perspectives on Women's Rights
Mahgoub El-Tigani Mahmoud: Diversity Within Unity
Carolyn-Fluehr Lobban: Political Cultural Critique
Mahgoub El Tigani Mahmoud: Is Socialist Thinking Purely Secular Westernization?
'Abd al-Khaliq Mahgoub: Muslim Socialist Opinions
Mahgoub El Tigani Mahmoud: Readings on the Sudanese Arab African Mentality
Richard Lobban: A Strategy to the Sudanese State
Mahgoub El Tigani Mahmoud: Religious Revivalism, Sufi Revolutionary Thought

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