How are we healed by Christ? An explanation of John 9:1-41

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The literary paradigm approach to this study on “healing” examines three key features in Chapter 9 in the Book of John. It provides a literary criticism on the text from an ahistorical view, it examines the autonomy of the text, and points us toward its aesthetic meaning. This approach helps the reader to understand "healing” from the perspective of the individual’s physical healing as well as his psychosocial and spiritual healing experience.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: How is One Healed?
Approach Method
Chapter Two: Themes in the Gospel of John
Theme: Light and Darkness
Theme: Life and Healing
The Physical Dimensions
The Psychosocial Dimension
The Spiritual Dimension
Summary of Dimensions
Looking Forward
Chapter Three: The Healing of the Blind Man and the Conditions of the Pharisees
The Healing of the Blind Man
John 9:1-7: The Physical cure Translation: John 9:1-7
Discussion: John 9:1-7
John 9:8-12, 17, 30-33: The Psychosocial Healing
Translation: John 9:8-12
Discussion: John 9:8-12
Translation: John 9:17
Discussion: John 9:17
Translation: John 9:30-33
Discussion: John 9:30-33
Closing Remarks on Psychosocial Healing
John 9:13-17, 24-29. 35-38: The Spiritual healings
Translation: John 9:13-17
Discussion: John 9:13-17
Translation: John 9:24-29
Discussion: John 9:24-29
Translation: John 9: 35-38
Discussion: John 9:35-38
Closing Remarks on Spiritual Healings
Closing Remarks on the Blind Man’s Healing
The Conditions of the Pharisees
John 9: The Physical Condition
John 9:13-17, 18-23, 24-29, 34:The Psychosocial Condition
Translation: John 9:13-17
Discussion: John 9:13-17
Translation: John 9:18-23
Discussion: John 9:18-23
Translation: John 9:24-29
Translation: John 9:34
Discussion: John 9:34
Closing Remarks on the Pharisees’ Psychosocial Conditions
John 9:39-41: The Spiritual Condition
Translation: John 9:39-41
Discussion: John 9:39-41
Closing Remarks on the Pharisees’ Condition
Chapter Four: The Healing Touch
Summary of the Healing Stories
Implications of the Healing Stories

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