Luke. A Critical Study

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Schleiermacher's Luke (1817) displays what he took to be an accurate portrayal of the Redeemer's self-proclamation within the early church. This brilliant exegetical work specializes in higher-critical techniques then emerging. In particular, his use of redaction criticism in effect serves to discover "Q" and is scarcely surpassed in Lukan studies today. This portrayal is also crucial for his epoch-making Christian Faith (1821-1822). Editor Terrence N. Tice offers emendations to the 1825 translation by Connop Thirwall and essays placing the original and translated editions in historical perspective. The considerable appartus includes an analytical index on Luke passages with references to sermons and the Life of Jesus lectures, hereby resurrecting an important work virtually inaccessible for over 130 years.


"This most welcome volume is an augmented reprinting of the 1825 'A Critical Essay on the Gospel of St. Luke', itself a translation of Über die Schriften des Lukas (1817). Schleiermacher's own source-critical monograph on Luke forms the inmost of three concentric circles, with translator Thirlwall's introductory essay and editor Tice's Introduction, Appendices and Apparatus surrounding it. Each growth ring of this mighty tree will repay study. . . . one of the strengths of this new edition is the helpful scholarly aids Tice has here provided for use not only in connection with Schleiermacher's Luke, but with previous Schleiermacher translations as well. . . . There is also a crossreferencing system between Lukan references in this monograph and those in Schleiermacher's sermons as well as in the Life of Jesus. More important still is the placing of the work of Schleiermacher and Thirlwall in their historical and theological context." - Journal of Higher Criticism

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