Mystery of the Book of Revelation. Re-envisioning the End of Time

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This work represents an intersection between two important methods of interpretation. It presents a very complex theory of narrative relating to the experience of time and the production and reception of narrative is applied to the question of the eschatology of the Book of Revelation. The work argues that John of Patmos has a vision of two ages: one of a world fraught with conflict, violence and oppression and another similarly present for the Christian faithful, in which they experience the salvation expected at the end of the ages, now, gathered under God’s protection.


"Professor Afzal questions how the prophecies of John of Patmos recast the past in terms of John’s perceptions of the present experiences of the early Christian communities in Asia Minor. Drawing on the work of the pre-eminent sociologists, anthropologists, and psychologists who teach us that human memory—both individual and communal—is a (re)contructive process that recreates the experiences of the past in light of the present, Professor Afzal shows us that the eschatology in Revelation is not about an unfulfilled and “virtual future, but it is about the intended audience’s present experiences.” - Dr. April D. DeConick, Isla Carroll and Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies, Rice University

Table of Contents

Foreword by April DeConick
1 Introduction
2 Reading Time: A Matter of Method
3 Apocalypse and Prophecy
4 John and His Community
5 A Vision of This World in Six Seals
6 Sabbath: A New Age
7 Epilogue

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