How Globalization Affects the Teaching of English

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In this timely collection, an international group of linguists, literary scholars and cultural historians addresses crucial issues facing educators in the field of English today. What is the value of the discipline? Which skills can we impart to students? How can we better use our field’s resources? For the authors and editors, interdisciplinarity helps to answer these questions, but only when approached self-critically and applied with methodological rigor. Joined by that shared concern, these essays – ranging from Shakespearean drama to South African fiction, from cultural materialism to stylistics – run the gamut of academic discourses and methodologies, offering practical suggestions for a process of rejuvenating English Studies.


“ ... [This book] addresses some of the key issues most scholars in English studies have been and continue to be concerned with for some time: where do we come from, where are we going, and how can our field of study contribute to the skills and competencies needed for living and working in the global village? With these issues in mind one could say that this is a book long overdue ... the essays in this book propose a vision as to where the future of the field might lie and how it might be defined. In addition to proposing a vision, the relevance of the field of English is made clear, and potential areas of implementation are demonstrated throughout the texts. As a result, all those involved in the development of new curricula will certainly benefit a lot from reading the essays published in this volume ... This book is a must for all those interested in the future well-being of the field.” – (from the Preface) Prof. Dr. Bernd Rüschoff, University of Duisburg-Essen

“ ... The particular strength of this edition lies in the way it brings together areas that are often unrelated in practice in order to illuminate existing or possible interconnections between them. The twelve essays, by eminent academics as well as emerging scholars, while representing a wealth of different experiences and perspectives, nevertheless fit together to make a coherent and insightful whole ...” – Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooss, Universität Trier

“This collection of essays provides the context for a much-needed discussion about and re-evaluation of long-standing questions concerning the future of English Studies. Its explicitly integrative approach opens new perspectives on such continually disputed areas as the content and structure of the curriculum, its professional value for students, and the disciplinary boundaries within English departments ...” – Prof. Dr. Martin Pütz, Universität Koblenz-Landau

Table of Contents

Preface – Bernd Rüschoff
Introduction – Andrea Gerbig and Anja Müller-Wood

Part One – The Cultural Nexus: Setting the Tone for Interdisciplinarity
On Teaching Critical Rationalism: Reconciling Linguistic and Literary Text Analysis – Michael Stubbs
Culture and Power – John Storey
Cultural Studies in English – Eli Ben-Joseph
Firing the Canon: Cultural Studies and the Rhetoric of Criticism – Rebecca Potter

Part Two – Resources and Implementations
Where the Computer Meets Language, Literature, and Pedagogy: Corpus Analysis in English Studies – Ute Römer
Using Corpora in Teaching Linguistics – Oliver Mason
Designing and Piloting a World Wide Web-based Stylistics Course – Mick Short
(De)Constructing Future Teachers of English: Teaching Literature as a Part of Teacher Education – Susanne Reichl

Part Three – Applications
The Creation of Conversation – Beatrix Busse
A Literary-Linguistic Reading of Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock: Interdisciplinarity in Practice – Anja Müller-Wood and Andrea Gerbig
Troping the Body: On W.H. Auden and Cognitive Poetics – Craig Hamilton
Stylistics in Southern Africa: A Pilot Project – Robert de Beaugrande

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