How Corporate Business Practices are Transforming Education: Case Studies of Five Canadian Secondary Schools

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This work examines the nature of corporate involvement in schooling. It analyzes the extent and effects of corporate involvement in schooling and identifies processes by which businesses and educational transactions occur.


“His inquisitiveness and scholarship allow him to see the specific problems addressed in this vast work in terms of the current global capitalist system spinning out of control. . . . a brilliant piece of work.” – Prof. Richard A. Brosio, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Table of Contents

1. Dancing With the Dragon: Towards an Understanding of Corporate Culture and Equity in the Canadian Classroom
2. Beneath the Wheel: Corporate Involvement in Canada’s Classrooms
3. Research Methods: Channeling the Forces
4. The Transactions: Two Examples of Interprovincial Corporate Investments in Education
5. Canada Airways: In Conjunction with the Canadian Council of Aviation Technicians and Golden Heights Secondary School
6. Flexography: In Conjunction with Flexography Inc. and Sir James A. Macdonnell Secondary School
7. Entrepreneurial Program: In Conjunction with a Variety of Small Businesses and Arbutus Ridge Secondary School
8. Youth One!: The Incorporation of Instruction
9. The Transactions in Retrospect: Observations and Insights
10. Conclusion: The Anatomy of a Corporate Transaction

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