History of Agriculture in Liberia, 1882-1970 Transference of American Values

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While historians have argued that Americo-Liberians neglected agriculture and remained addicted to trade, this study shows that Americo-Liberians seriously attempted to correct this imbalance and, in the course of doing so, introduced a formal agriculture and transferred some social and economic values from the New World.


"Undoubtedly, Saha's work is a contribution to the study of Liberian economic history. Particularly in regard to his discussion of the colonial and early republican period, the author has cogently described the significance of agricultural pursuits in Liberia. . . . illuminates a facet of the country's history that has heretofore been obscured by an emphasis on the peculiarity of 'black colonialism' and other sociopolitical themes." - Claude Clegg in The International Journal of African Historical Studies

"This is quite a useful study. On the whole it is clearly written. . . . With qualifications, the analysis rests rather cosily in a modernization theory framework of indigenous tradition versus imported innovation, and communal versus individual values." - African History

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