Islamic, Hindu, and Christian Fundamentalism Compared - Public Policy in Global Perspective

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These essays examine the extent of religious influence on governmental and public policies, covering recent issues and many countries. The authors are highly-recognized scholars in religious, historical and political science disciplines.


"... we recommend the co-editors and the contributors for such an excellent discourse that illuminates our path to a true understanding of all aspects of fundamentalism. In the end, the existing scholarship on the subject should benefit tremendously from such a great volume." - Prof. A.B. Assensoh, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

"... this multidisciplinary collection of essays, with attention to various regions of the world, is well worth reading by those interested in the interaction between religion and politics in the post-Cold War era." - Prof. Rolin Mainuddin, North Carolina Central University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. God and the Galapagos: The Fundamentalist Challenge to the Teaching of Evolution in the Kansas State (Thomas K. Carr)
2. The Revivalist Concept of a Hindu State (Rashtra): Cultural Elements in the Imagined State (Santosh C. Saha)
3. Contested Vision of an Islamic State in Southern Philippines (Vivienne SM Angeles)
4. Secular Fundamentalism: A Case Study of Soviet Communism (Paul Froese)
5. “Wives Submit to Your Husbands”: Evangelical Stances on Wifely Submission ((Harriet A. Harris)
6. Islamism in Central Asia (Zohair Husain and David Rosenbaum)
7. The Islamic Independence Movement in Aceh, Indonesia (Syed Serajul Islam)
8. Warfareand Politics in Lebanon: The Transformation of the Hizballah (Jacob Abadi)
9. The Phenomenon of Religious Resurgence: A Critique (B. M. Jain)
10. Islamists and the Social and Political Order in Egypt (Rodolf T. Zarazar)
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