Saha, Santosh C.

About the author: Dr. Santosh Saha received his PhD from Kent State University. He is currently Associate Professor of History at Mount Union College, Ohio. He has published several books on African history and numerous journal articles in international journals on Indian, African, and US history. He is on the advisory board of Journal of Asian Affairs.

Culture in Liberia an Afrocentric View of the Cultural Interaction Between the Indigenous Liberians and the Americo-Liberians
1998 0-7734-8333-0
This study argues that despite political antagonism between the minority Americo-Liberians and the majority indigenous Liberians, there was a healthy and effective interaction, which created a sort of cultural dualism in Liberia to the benefit of the African heritage.

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History of Agriculture in Liberia, 1882-1970 Transference of American Values
1990 0-88946-518-5
While historians have argued that Americo-Liberians neglected agriculture and remained addicted to trade, this study shows that Americo-Liberians seriously attempted to correct this imbalance and, in the course of doing so, introduced a formal agriculture and transferred some social and economic values from the New World.

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History of Agriculture in West Africa a Guide to Information Sources
1990 0-88946-519-3
A bibliography on West Africa which covers the years up to 1988. Areas covered include: agricultural finance; capital; credit; agricultural labor and rural manpower; environmental economics; human resources development; agricultural products; demand, supply, and prices; land tenure; marketing; public policy and programs; technological change; and socio-economic research.

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Islamic, Hindu, and Christian Fundamentalism Compared - Public Policy in Global Perspective
2003 0-7734-6769-6
These essays examine the extent of religious influence on governmental and public policies, covering recent issues and many countries. The authors are highly-recognized scholars in religious, historical and political science disciplines.

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