Henry Demarest Lloyd's Critiques of American Capitalism, 1881-1903

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The American journalist, reformer, and labour propagandist Henry Demarest Lloyd (1847-1903), is usually recognized as the first American muckraker. During his active political propagandist career, he was recognized internationally as one of the leading figures writing in the American social and economic fields. Reprinted in this collection, with a new Introduction, are thirteen of his most significant contributions to the critique of American capitalism published between 1881 and 1903. In addition to the 35 page Introduction are 10 pages of annotated notes and references. The reprinted articles are: The Story of a Great Monopoly (1881); The Political Economy of Seventy-three Million Dollars (1882); The New Conscience (1888); Mazzini: Prophet of Action (1889); The Labour Movement (1889); The Union Forever (1889); What Washington Would Do Today (1890); Arbitration (1892); No Mean City (1894); Revolution: The Evolution of Socialism (1894); The Scholar in Contemporary Practical Questions (1895); A New Political Economy Predicting a New Wealth (1897); Beginning at Home (1899); and The Religion of Labour (1903). This new collection, the first in nearly twenty years, provides a timely opportunity to re-evaluate a career that was central to the development of radical democratic thought in America and Europe. This study will be of interest to students and scholars of modern American and British social, cultural and economic history; to historians of trade unionism; the theory of nineteenth century liberalism, and working class culture.

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