Critique and Social Transformation. Lessons From Antonio Gramsci, Mikhail Bakhtin and Raymond Williams

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This scholarly work is a project of historical-materialist critique of themes, theories, and arguments in contemporary cultural politics. It examines the contradictory actualities and potential of a class-conflicted world system from the radical perspectives of Antonio Gramsci, Mikhail Bakhtin, and Raymond Williams. It endeavors to forge a transformative praxis useful for understanding the current crisis of global capitalism.


“As both nuanced scholarship and rigorous critical practice, San Juan’s work is a brilliant example of how a subaltern activist inhabiting the beleaguered zones of the Empire can not only speak against injustice and racist barbarism, but also write in a militantly engaged, provocative way on behalf of the satisfaction of human needs through popular, democratic, egalitarian governance. Our task is to acknowledge this example by word and deed.”
Prof. Peter McLaren, University of California at Los Angeles

Table of Contents

Foreword by Peter McLaren
1. Antonio Gramsci: Inventory and Extrapolation
2. Surrealism: Avant-garde Weapon for People’s War
3. In Quest of Materialist Dialectics
4. National-Popular Strategy Toward Socialism
5. Bakhtin/Gramsci: Alternative Interventions
6. National Liberation Vernaculars
7. From Postcolonial Idealism to Cultural Materialism
8. Raymond Williams: Theorizing Cultural Studies
9. The Project of Cultural Revolution

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