ORGANIZED ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME: An Analysis of Corporate Noncompliance with the Law

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Crimes that harm the environment are frequently presented as random or accidental behaviors. This study, however, examines the cultural and organizational factors that make the routine operations of business susceptible to environmental law-breaking.


“. . . adeptly integrates basic propositions from power structure theory in political sociology to theories of corporate crime, significantly advancing the literature both theoretically and empirically. . . . Courageous policymakers and activists have a new cutting edge piece of social science to brave their work in advancing environmental justice by challenging the cultural institutions and choices that favor environmental law-breaking.” – Prof. Michael C. Dreiling, University of Oregon

"Wolf’s book is groundbreaking, masterfully drawing together theory and research from the environmental social sciences and criminology to shed light on the disturbingly common criminal activities of corporations and the consequences of these crimes for society. This work represents a highly valuable contribution to the fields of environmental justice and corporate criminology. In addition it suggests solutions to one of the most severe problems of our historical epoch. While corporate crime is only a relative and proximate indicator of a corporate organization’s treatment of the environment, it gives a useful analysis of where enforcement resources may be directed. It also points to new directions for research on both environmental justice and corporate wrongdoing." - Prof. Richard York, University of Oregon

Table of Contents

Preface by Prof. Michael C. Dreiling
1. The Problem of Corporate Crime and the Environment
2. The Theory of Corporate Illegality and the Environment
3. Data and Research Methods
4. Results and Analysis
5. Case Studies
6. Conclusions and Directions for Future
Appendix A

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