Environmental Accounting for Oil and Natural Gas. A North American Case Study of Canada and the Southeast United States

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This book uses national accounting approach anchored in multivariate analysis and descriptive statistics connected to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to analyse oil and gas depletion and environmental damage costs and the factors responsible for the change from 1961 to 2000. This book contains two color photographs.


[T]he book offers a thorough analysis and interpretation of the findings that come from the investigation. Equally, the book appropriately posits recommendations that are supported by the findings. My reading of this important work suggests utility for the student, policy maker, and public-interested citizen who is concerned about the costs and benefits of oil and natural gas in Canada and the United States." - William M. Harris, Sr., Martin Luther King, Jr., Visiting Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Although Merem’s case study concentrates primarily on environmental accounting specific to oil and natural gas extractions in select areas of Canada and the United States, he offers a coherent, methodologically sound environmental accounting model applicable to diverse environmental issues occurring at various geographic, spatial and temporal scales." - Joan Marshall Wesley, Jackson State University

"Dr. Merem has done an excellent work by showing in detail how environmental accounting can be applied to the oil and natural gas sector in North America." - Prof. Yaw A. Twumasi, Alcorn State University

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