English-Ottoman Relations in the 18th Century

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"As the exploration of British-Ottoman relations throughout the chapters of this book reveals, the connection between these two major world powers has been multifaceted, fluid and complex from its beginnings in the 16th century. The records of the State Papers as well as several other sources including travelogues, novels, plays and paintings show that the 18th century was a particularly important period in the history of both nations. These sources also provide important insights into how diplomacy was conducted in both Empires in addition to giving information regarding British-Ottoman diplomatic practices and commercial relations." -from the author's Conclusion (pg. 172-173). Includes 19 color plates.

Table of Contents

I. General Perception of Turks and Islam in the 16-17th centuries
II. The 18th Century World
A. Major Events in England during the 18th Century
B. Social and Family Life in England in the Late 18th Century
C. Ottomans in the 18th Century
D. Transformation of the Ottoman Military
E. Ottoman State Organization
F. Disease and Medicine in the Ottoman Empire in the 18th Century
G. Family Liofe in the Ottoman Empire during the 18th Century
III. Representations of Alterity on STage: The Case of the Turks
IV. Trade in the Ottoman Empire: 16th-18th Century
V. Commercial Relations Between England and the Ottoman Empire
A. The Orient through Western Eyes
B. The Levant Company
C. The Ambassadors
D. Giftgiving
E. Diplomacy
F. How Disputes Were Handled
G. Travel Permits in the Ottoman Empire
H. Traveling in the Ottoman Empire<>br> I. The Ayan and the Ulema
VI. Cultural Relations Between the British and the Ottomans During the 18th Century
A. Coffee: "The Mahometan Berry"
B. The Divan Club
C. Turquerie
VII. The Perception of Islam
VIII. English Travelers in Ottoman Lands in the 18th Century
A. Women Writers in the 18th Century
IX. Literary Works about the Ottomans
A. Dramatists
B. Other English Literary Works Published in the 18th Century on the Orient
C. Lord Byron's Works
X. Changing Ottoman-English Relations

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