William Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelly, and Their Offspring, Victor Frankenstein: A Family of Rebels

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“The book specifically focuses on how members of this “family of rebels” influenced one another and became leading figures who played a very important role in society as visionary intellectuals…Drawing on insights offered by psychoanalytic critics, the writer shows how the rebellious streak runs in the family and shapes their artistic creations.”
-Associate Prof. Övgü Tüzün,
Bahçeşehir University, Turkey


“The present study carries as direct a title as it is indicative of cultural mutations at the individual and collective level: Bakay takes on board facts and details of the lives of the referenced authors only to pursue their surfacing and role in the literary life of their works, with special emphasis on subversive, progressive and alternative views advanced by their Family of Rebels.”
-Prof. Mihaela Irimia, Ph.D.,
University of Bucharest

“This book gives a new and challenging status of Dr. Frankenstein and his “monster” through Dr. Bakay’s point of view.”
-Prof. Gönül Uçele,
Aydun University

“In her book, Bakay investigates the lives of the title’s authors in order to of view. She develops the themes of anarchism, political justice and feminist identity issues.”
–Prof. John DelliCarpini,
Temple University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Mihaela Irimia
Chapter 1: The Apostle of Philosophical Anarchism: William Godwin

-Goodwin’s General Philosophy
An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice
-Reception of Political Justice
-Other Works
Chapter 2: Mary Wollstonecraft
-A Vindication of the Rights of Women
-Other Works
Chapter 3: Mary Shelley
-Other Works
Chapter 4: FrankensteinM
-Victor Frankenstein: The Making of a Fallen God
-Frankenstein’s Monster or Victim?
-The Monster and His Creator
-Feminist Criticism of Frankenstein
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