Dynamics of Middle East Nuclear Proliferation

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This study examines the political process of nuclear decision-making and explores attitudes toward nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and how they impact the peace process. The major countries in the region are examined from several viewpoints to highlight the most critical issues and problems facing the region.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface (Steven L. Spiegel)
Introduction (Michael D. Intriligator)
1. The Middle East and WMDs in 2015 (Steven L. Spiegel)
2. Nuclear Weapons and Peace in the Middle East (Lawrence Scheinman)
3. Proliferation, Non-Proliferation, and Anti-Proliferation: Egypt and Israel in the Middle East (Janice Gross Stein)
4. The Iraqi Nuclear Program: Past, Present, and Future? (Marvin M. Miller)
5. Iraq’s Approach to Proliferation and the Contrast to South Africa (Robert E. Kelley)
6. Iran and Nuclear Weapons: Implications and Policy Responses (Shahram Chubin)
7. Iran’s Nuclear Program: Is There a Negotiated Alternative? (Gary Sick)
8. Israel’s Nuclear Posture: Persistent Concerns, New Challenges (Yair Evron)
9. Israel’s Nuclear Opacity: A Political Genealogy (Avner Cohen)
10. Israel’s Position on Arms Control and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime (Emily Landau)
11. The Impact of the Egyptian-Israeli Debate on Arms Control on the Middle East Peace Process (Gerald M. Steinberg)
12. Israel Today: Strategic Options (Ze’ev Schiff)
13. Egypt’s Position Towards the Israeli Nuclear Arsenal (Ahmed Abdel Halim)
14. The Arab-Israeli Nuclear Debate: Myth or Reality (M. Zuhair Diab)
15. International Law and the Dynamics of Middle East Proliferation (Abdulhay Sayed)
16. The Denuclearization of South Africa (David Albright)
17. Non-Nuclear Became Beautiful: The Sweden Case (Jan Prawitz)

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