Debate in the U.S. Senate About the War in South Vietnam and Cambodia. Chronicling the Struggle for Power Between the Congress and the Presidency

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Examines how the war in South Vietnam was reflective of a larger battle within the United States between the executive and the legislative branches of government over war-making powers.


“Throughout the textual analysis of the Senate debates, as events unfold, the reader sees the Senate win its battle against the presidency bur lose a war with communism. . . . .This examination of the balance of power in American government in times of war is timely and relevant. Studies of congressional colloquy such as this shed much-needed light on the level of leadership, accountability and integrity in American government in times of crisis and prevents revisionist accounts as well. Such research exposes the difficult workings of a democracy and examines the compromise and complications of effective government.” – Prof. Brenda Wilson, Tennessee Technological University

“Every historian and general reader will appreciate this account of a painful period in U.S. history . . . Dr. Witcher has done an excellent job in examining documents relating to the Vietnam conflict and especially in selecting direct quotes of Congressional individuals who struggled to find answers to one of the most complex wars the U.S has ever fought.” – Prof. Hix Stubblefield, Tennessee Technological University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Brenda Wilson, Tennessee Technological University
Bombing for Peace (1973)
Money for Peace (1974-1975)
No Peace (1975)

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