Articles, Interviews and Book Excerpts (1976-2000) on Richard Nixon’s Legacy

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To study the career of Richard Nixon is to study the last half of the 20th century, for both good and ill. This book is a collection of articles, interviews and excerpts from journalists, historians, and associates of Nixon’s, of views from both people who admired him and those who feverishly despised him. The viewpoints of such a diverse ideology gives a fully-rounded account of this still-controversial figure. It takes him beyond the limits of Watergate to portray the entirety of his career. If journalism is indeed the first draft of history, this volume is a good place to learn how Nixon’s legacy has evolved.


“Did the world ever see the real Richard Nixon? Probably not, but Witcher’s collection of articles by some of our best writers who knew Nixon helps clear the view and, in turn, makes this book a valuable addition to the libraries of scholars and readers in general. The collection by journalists, historians and associates of Nixon on both sides of the political spectrum dates from America’s bicentennial only two years after Nixon’s resignation until the turn of the new millennium. The chronological ordering of the articles reflects the journey of Nixon’s attempt to rehabilitate his image during his 20-year post-presidential life…. There is enough here for Nixon haters and defenders alike. Hunter Thompson’s vitriolic obituary is screamingly funny, and Monica Crowley’s tender account of the paradoxical Nixon is perhaps the most poignant moment in the book. Overall, this is volume of ambivalent articles that mirrors America’s ambivalent feelings about a complex, conflictive leader and his times.” – Hix Stubblefield, Professor Emeritus, Tennessee Technological University

“…these articles range from starkly negative pieces to sensitive, understanding, and yet pathetic commentaries about the highly controversial former president…. Readers who are interested in the last half of the 20th century will thoroughly enjoy this easy reading volume, which represents a significant contribution to Nixonian literature.” – Herbert H. Howard, Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee

“Each article scrutinizes the lasting impact of the Nixon presidency as revealed through journalism. Essays, insights and more offer a diverse and highly recommended historical cross-study of a complex American political figure, including both his failings as well as his most notable achievements.” – The Bookwatch

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
Introduction: From After Watergate: Nixon and the Newsweeklies (Russ Witcher)
“Richard Nixon Goes to a Party” by Benjamin Stein, Esquire
“Sightings of the Last New Nixon” by Lance Morrow, Time
“A Different Sort of Notoriety” by Pete Axthelm, Newsweek
“Nixon Without Knives” by Gore Vidal, Esquire
“The Road Back” by Larry Martz, Newsweek
“The Man and the Political Leader” interview with Bryce Harlow from The Nixon Presidency: Twenty-Two Intimate Perspectives of Richard M. Nixon
“The Man and Foreign Policy” interview with Hugh Sidey from The Nixon Presidency: Twenty-Two Intimate Perspectives of Richard M. Nixon
“The Dark Comedian” by Roger Rosenblatt, Time
“The Restless Spirit of Richard Nixon” by David Gergen, U.S. News & World Report
“A Conjuration of the Past” by Lance Morrow, Time
“The Shrine at Yorba Linda” by John Leo, U.S. News & World Report
“Notes from Underground” by Margaret Carlson, Time
From “Epilogue, Nixon in Retrospect” in Nixon: Ruin and Recovery, 1973-1990 by Stephen Ambrose
“The Voice of the GI Generation” by Michael Barone, U.S. News & World Report
“He was a Crook” by Hunter S. Thompson, Rolling Stone
“The Last Nixon” by George McGovern, Rolling Stone
“The Last Nixon” from Nixon in Winter by Monica Crowley
“Why this is still the age of Nixon” by Paul Greenberg, Los Angeles Times Syndicate
“Nixon on the Couch” by Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post Company
“Nixon Lives! – At least to his Men” by Richard Reeves, Universal Press Syndicate

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