Tennessee Republicans in the Era of William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft. Factions, Leaders, and Patronage

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Based on presidential papers and manuscripts in Tennessee, this work details the history of the Republican and Progressive parties during the Progressive era when the Republican party played a more significant role in the state than in any of the former Confederate states. Traces the party relationship with Theodore Roosevelt and its breakup under Taft.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. William McKinley, Henry Clay Evans, and Walter P. Brownlow
2. Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Clay Evans, and Walter P. Brownlow
3. Tennessee Republicans and Taft's Campaign for the Presidency in 1908
4. Taft and Tennessee: Federal Patronage, 1909-1910
5. Republican Triumph in 1910
6. 1911
7. 1912: Harmony Efforts, Hooper's Renomination, and the Roosevelt Movement
8. 1912: The Second State Convention, National Convention, and the Organization of the Progressive Party in Tennessee
9. 1912: Republicans, Progressives, Progressive Republicans, and Democrats
10. 1913-1914: Hooper's Second Administration and Defeat
11. 1915-1916: Sam R. Sells, Richard W. Austin, Jesse M. Littleton, and the Last Days of the Progressive Party
12. Afterword
Bibliography and Index

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