Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism Part One

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Modern Jewish studies is a vast discipline with many inter-related discursive fields. Griffith's magisterial Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism creates a framework of relevance that can help students and scholars recognize major problems and disputations and gain appreciation for current advances in methodology and knowledge. It functions as a conceptual map that identifies areas thoroughly and highlights controversial issues that invite further research. The majority of the entries are in English, but works in Modern Hebrew, Yiddish, French, and German are included as necessary, and also as guides for advanced study. Until the advent of this work there was no comprehensive critical Judaica bibliography of use to both generalized and specialized interests. "This work answers that need." - Shofar


". . . very helpful introductions . . . . Although annotations are mostly descriptive, rather than critical, they are very helpful . . . . Frequent cross-references help avoid repetition. . . . provides about five times as many citations as [the Edelheits' The Jewish World in Modern Times]. . . . a major reference tool, highly recommended to all libraries." - Choice

". . . a useful bibliographical tool . . ." - ADRIS

". . . a valuable reference to scholars and students alike due to the vast amount of resources it contains and the many helpful annotations of books and articles." - American Journal of Theology and Philosophy

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